Clean Green Certified ® Now Listing Cannabis Real Estate!

Clean Green Certified ® brings 55+ years of agriculture and 17 years in the commercial cannabis certification world to work for you. We are the ONLY Official Clean Green Certified® program. We have visited and worked on hundreds of cannabis properties across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. No one knows cannabis properties better than we do! Let our 17 years of work in cannabis properties help you in your next sale, purchase or lease. We are now accepting listings WORLDWIDE – at no cost to you! Use your existing broker, or we can help you find one in the state or region you are looking. Get increased exposure with a leader in the cannabis industry, and work with your existing broker. Sign up below to be listed on our site or email us at for more information. Click here to return to

- Broker Name: Chris Van Hook

- California License Number:  02096083

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